LinkedIn Best Practices

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The UC Davis approach to LinkedIn.

Our social media team operates the main LinkedIn page for the University. If you want a specific page for your department or group, talk to our team and we can help you to create a LinkedIn Showcase page (a sub-page to the main UC Davis LinkedIn page). We encourage most departments to consider groups versus the need for a separate page. 

Consider a LinkedIn Group.

Depending on your goal, a LinkedIn Group could be that centralized place for knowledge and news sharing amongst your communities. Group pages, when well moderated, are typically more active than pages and can deliver better value. 

Hit the posting sweet spot.

Post four to five times per week, and only multiple times per day if the audience is demonstrating very engaged behavior. Post lifespan is longer on LinkedIn. The lag is about five to seven days, so make sure to take that into consideration when building out timely posts or tracking your analytics.

Ideal content. 

The ideal post length is 100 characters. Images should be 1200x628 pixels and videos should be 1920x1080 pixels. Good video length is about 30 seconds, with a high-impact hook within the first six seconds.

Don’t discount the value of nostalgia.

Since the majority of the audience on LinkedIn consists of alumni, nostalgic posts resonate well. Search campus archives (or your own) for historic photos to share. Remember to denote class years if you can. If applicable to your area, alumni and esteemed faculty profiles tend to do well.